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Innova Twist I Inflatable Kayak - Red TWT-0016-136

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Innova Kayaks Twist I Inflatable Kayak - Red TWT-0016-136

At only 16 lbs., the Twist I is the lightest general recreation kayak on the market. This inflatable kayak is the "little brother" or "solo version" of the Twist II tandem kayak - also known as the "Double Twist". The Twist I is great for day touring, backpacking into lakes, and fishing. Its adjustable seat allows for flexible arrangement of your gear, and its low seating makes it very buoyant and stable - perfect for beginners and paddlers of all experience levels. 

The Twist I can be fully set up and inflated in minutes, and when you're done, easily rolls up into a carry bag small enough to be checked as a carry-on bag on an airplane. 

Like almost all of Innova's inflatable kayaks, the Twist I is PVC free and made of Nitrylon - a strong, rugged, rip-stop polyester fabric, with a coating of natural rubbers on the interior for great air retention. It also has 3 separate air chambers which each inflate to an industry-leading 3 psi. (compared to competitors' 1.5-2 psi.), making a firmer, snappier, and more stable inflatable kayak. This 3 air chamber system also allows you to paddle the kayak to shore in the unlikely event that one of the chambers loses air. 

Even thought it's the most inexpensive inflatable kayak Innova offers, its detailing is equivalent to Innova's higher priced kayaks. The Twist I has high-quality bayonet-style valves used in its 3 separate main air chambers.

  • Type: Recreation
  • LENGTH: 8'6"
  • WIDTH: 31"
  • WEIGHT: 16.3 lbs
  • AIR CHAMBERS: 3, each inflating to 3 psi.
  • CAPACITY: 220 lbs (1 person)
  • PACKED DIM: 17x11x7"
  • MATERIAL: Nitrylon Lite™ (NL) for added durability - No PVC!
  • INCLUDES: Tracking fin, repair kit, carry bag
  • RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES: Paddle, lifejacket
  • PVC-FREE: This product is made free of PVC!
  • SPRAY DECK: None

The Twist I: Lightweight, Inflatable, and Great for Fishing:



Why are Innova kayaks so tough?






How Valve works

About Innova


Founded over 20 years ago, Innova Kayaks is the North American distributor of popular European inflatable kayaks, manufactured by Gumotex in the Czech Republic. Since then, Innova has sold flat water and moderate whitewater inflatable boats.


Unlike many other inflatables, Innova Kayaks’ boats are made from rubber – not PVC. This rubber material, Nitrylon™, is a lamination of nitrile synthetic rubber and natural rubber over a 1,200-denier, low stretch polyester fabric. Nitrylon™ is very puncture and abrasion resistant, and considerably stronger and better performing than PVC. This same material is actually used in high-end, Zodiac-Type tenders and high-end whitewater rafts. Each Innova boat has 3 main air chambers, plus other small ones for seats, decks, etc. These air chambers inflate to an industry-leading 3 psi, compared to the 2 psi capacity of most inflatable kayaks.

kayak creek innova inflatable kayaks safari 330 nitrylon material


Green is one way to describe Innova Kayaks. PVC gives off dioxins into the environment. Not only is Nitrylon™ stronger and better performing than PVC, but it is also very eco-friendly. It can easily be recycled, and in 2010, Innova started the first inflatable kayak and canoe recycling program.

Convenience & Portability

In this day and age, people are traveling and moving around more than ever before in history. Convenience is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Innova’s boats fully inflate in just minutes, and when you’re done, they fold up small enough to fit into a bag the size of a small duffle bag. They are lightweight, very easy to carry and transport, and can be stored in tight places – even in an airplane as carry-on.

Awards & Recognition

Over the years, Innova Kayaks has been the recipient of many awards, endorsements, and features in the boat and boat fishing industries. The quality, convenience, and track record of Innova Kayaks proves that they have THE boats you want to own.

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