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Malibu Kayaks Spider Angler Kayak Seat


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Malibu Kayaks Spider Angler Kayak Seat

The Malibu Kayaks Spider Angler kayak seat was made with functionality and comfort in mind - which is why it is Malibu Kayaks' best kayak fishing seat! The Spider Angler seat is a high backed seat and is packed with Malibu Kayaks' thickest padding, making discomfort a thing of the past! 

The Spider Angler seat comes complete with dual built-in rod holders, rear gear bag with bottle holder, tool holders, navigation light holder, “D” rings for gear attachment, and safety reflectors.


  • BACKREST: 24" (W) x 19" (H)
  • SEAT:  18" (W) x 14" (L)



About Malibu Kayaks

After noticing that all kayaks look the same, Malibu Kayaks made the transition from kayak retailer to kayak manufacturer in 1999; determined to create an alternative. Malibu Kayaks believes that a kayak should be designed for each individual paddlers’ needs, and there’s no such thing as a “one hull fits all” model. 

Malibu Kayaks are roto molded from a high-quality polyethylene resin. The roto molded method distributes the material evenly around the kayak hull by turning and cooking the mold of the kayak. The end results is an all around sturdy molded kayak, making it one of the best methods for manufacturers.

Malibu’s fishing kayaks are the top-rated and top-of-the-line angler kayaks in the industry, second to none. All of their kayaks are designed for stability, versatility, and dry seating - attributes which are usually not associated with sit on top kayaks. 

Each model also comes in an impressive SIXTEEN color options! Most of their kayak models come in different packages - Standard, Recreational, Fish & Dive, or all 3. After seeing how customizable a Malibu Kayak is, you will understand that there is no reason to even consider buying anything else.

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