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Malibu Kayaks X-Wing w/ 3 Switches

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Malibu Kayaks X-Wing w/ 3 Switches

Now you can have all your electronics, rod holders, and dry storage in this sliding unit that conveniently detaches off your kayak for quick storage. Designed for ergonomic fishing with effortless control in reaching those far away items and totally customize for your own specifications. 

Comes with switches to the X-Wing, so you may turn on/off your electronics or gadgets that mounted on the X-Wing. Now you can have all your electronics, rod holders, and dry storage in this sliding unit that conveniently detaches off your kayak for quick storage. Designed for ergonomic fishing with effortless control in reaching those far away items and totally customizable for your own specifications. Basic package includes a self-contained 6" hatch allowing you to place your 12 volt battery with other electronic items in a safe, high and dry compartment.


The X-Wing is a very popular retro-fit on the Field & Stream Shadow Caster kayak.


Slider track included (screws are 22 inches from each end).  Hardware included.


The width from one track to the other track (measured from the center point of the screws) is about 22 inches. The arms of the X-Wing could be flexed little bit, so the range could be from 21 inches to 23 inches.


** We have plenty of customers who love the X-Wing console so much, they retro-fit it onto other brands/models of kayaks. If this is what your plan is, please select "Other Brand/Model" from the model selector drop-down menu **


Certain Malibu Kayaks models require additional brackets and/or sliders to fit correctly. The price of these extra parts is INCLUDED in our X-Wing pricing, and will arrive with your X-Wing purchase! 



X-Wing Track Installation Instruction for X-Factor

X-Wing Track Installation Instruction


 ** Any and all depicted gadgets, gears, and electronics sold separately **


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tim P.
Perfect for Field & Stream Shadow Caster

I just picked the X-wing console to retro-fit it onto my Field & Stream Shadow Caster. It looks and works awesome!

Allen S.

Put it on my shadow caster kayak, looks great, will fishing with it on Monday.

Peter J.
All in one

I recently purchased the X Wing Console to fit on my Stealth 14. In the past, I've always drilled holes in the kayak to mount fishfinders, rod holders and etc....not any more! Now I have my battery stored in the X Wing's compartment and the fishfinder mounted on top of the X wing. I also mounted two rod holders on each side of the X wing to use for hands free fishing. The X Wing slides back and forth on a track that is mounted on the kayaks gunnel so it is never an issue of hitting it with my paddle or rods when reeling in a fish. All hardware and installation instructions are provided.

John U.

This is a fantastic Addition to the stealth kayaks, the structure of it doesn't get in the way while paddling and gives a nice place to store the fish finder. Def a great addition to anyone who doesn't want to drill holes in the yak to place a fish finder!!

Tony R.
Convenience and safety at your fingertips

The Malibu 'X' wing fits simply and swiftly, not just to the Malibu range of kayaks. A simple bespoke bracket of durable material will suffice to permit fitment of the standard Malibu rail system enabling ease of adjustment and removal as required. The "X" wing provides a fixing solution immediately in the line of sight for safety devices such as compass, echo sounder or even chart plotter if you feel that way inclined. The watertight storage area provides for the needed battery source plus a few other items for secure stowage, like keys or mobile phone. Rod holders at a convenient reach for fishing and a stable mount for a camera support for wildlife photography. Excellent piece of kit and slides out of the way for ease of entry and exit to the kayak. Review submitted by a kayak fisherman and established wildlife photographer.

Customer Reviews

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Kayak Creek
Mike K
A Plus Customer Service

Matt has been awesome to deal with. Communication has been top notch. Highly recommended.

Kayak Creek
Kayak Creek Is Awesome

Onve in awhile, you get great servuce backed by good people, who see tmyour order through and who give it a personal touch. Matt was helpful and kind and the products and service are wonderful. I love my kayak! Thank you, Kayak Creek, for being honest and so helpful. The photo is of my boyfriend on Thermalito Afterbay in his NuCanoe.

Kayak Creek
Joe Zinn
Great Service

Great company to deal with. Matt worked hard to work out the details of getting me a canoe to me while I was on the road.

He arranged for me to pick my Frontier 12 in Denver, then when the manufacturer couldn’t fulfill my paddle order, he found a paddle for me through a competitor and arranged for it to be delivered to my next destination.

Then...... when I decided to purchase a casting bar Matt again worked out the details of getting it to me while I was still traveling.

His service was definitely above and beyond what one normally gets from even companies that offer great service.

Thanks for all your hard work Matt! You helped make an incredible fishing summer!

Kayak Creek
Chris Johnson
Found What I Needed!

Owned many kayaks and the Flint is the most comfortable and customizable out there. If you fish or hunt this is the kayak for you.

Kayak Creek
Chris Johnson
Great to Work With!

Matt in sales was great to work with easy to reach. Awesome customer service.