NuCanoe #4831 Completion Kayak Decking Kit | Flint


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NuCanoe #4831 Completion Kayak Decking Kit | Flint


The NuCanoe Flint Completion Decking Kit #4831pairs with the Basic Kit to provide full coverage for the Deck Floor. This kit includes ALL Decking Pieces EXCEPT the 10 pieces contained in the Basic Kit (sold separately).This is a 6mm, two tone decking kit with a brushed finish.


The #4831 Completion Decking Kit is available in the following colors:

  • Black + Charcoal
  • Slate Grey + Charcoal
  • Army Camo + Black


For the best look, we recommend these color combinations:

Decking Kit Color

Your Flint Color

Black + Charcoal

- Hazard

- NUclear Green

- Gulf Storm

Slate Grey + Charcoal - Gulf Storm or Cyan
Army Camo + Black

- Army Camo

- Desert Sand