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NuCanoe H2Pro Drive Pedal System

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NuCanoe H2ProDrive – Pedal Power for the Frontier 12 and Pursuit


** The H2Pro will be replaced by the NuCanoe PIVOT Drive Pedal System, available around mid-late summer 2019 **


The NuCanoe H2Pro Drive pedal system is unlike any other. It is the only pedal drive system designed entirely around a kayak and the kayak pedal system that does not leave a hole in the deck floor.

The H2Pro Drive makes the Frontier 12 and Pursuit the ideal option for customers who want the option to use a pedal drive, but don’t want the limitations of the traditional pedal drive kayak. The NuCanoe H2Pro Drive utlizes a track-mounted pedal tower with a transom mounted prop, preserving a clean & open deck.

The H2Pro Drive is quick through the water, super maneuverable, and enables pinpoint control over your positioning when fighting a fish, the current, and/or the wind.

And when you don’t want to pedal? Just remove the entire H2ProDrive in about 5 minutes and you have a great kayak that performs just as well with a paddle…or a motor!

You can see the installation steps and videos HERE!


Are you left-handed or would just prefer to have the steering control on the ride-hand side? No worries - it's as easy as flipping a bracket! No extra or hardware required! 



  • Completely modular system…easy to install and remove
  • No holes in deck floor!
  • Maintains clean, open deck
  • Forward and reverse
  • Simple steering control via push-pull lever
  • Retract cord for prop shaft
  • Kick-up release on prop shaft to prevent damage
  • Shallow water operation
  • Excellent turning radius
  • Compatible with ALL Frontier 12 & Pursuit models




    * Kayak not included


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