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Oru Kayak Coast XT Folding Kayak

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 Oru Kayak Coast XT Folding Kayak

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The style is called many things - folding kayaks, foldable kayaks, kayaks that fold, origami kayaks, etc, etc.. - but no matter what you call it, Oru Kayak is the best name in the game. 


Inspired by traditional Arctic kayaks, the Oru Kayak Coast XT folding kayak is capable of serious expeditions and pro-level performance. With superb speed and handling, it's Oru's most sophisticated kayak yet. In 2018, Oru made major improvements to the assembly process, comfort, fit, and safety of this flagship model - all of these features create a boat that's as beautiful to look at as it is to paddle. 


Oru Kayak Coast XT Benefits:


  • Folds up into the size of a large portfolio or suitcase
  • Stash it pretty much anywhere: your trunk, closet, boat, garage, van, even under your bed
  • Standard accessories fit into the folded up boat
  • Check it on a plane or hike it into remote waters with the Oru Pack

oru kayak coast xt folding kayak


  • Made of 5mm double-layered custom-extruded polypropylene
  • Manufacturer-rated for 20,000 fold cycles
  • 10-year UV treatment
  • Withstands sliding over rocks or bumping into obstacles under the water
  • One-year warranty



  • Superior tracking and speed due to rigid hull and fold patterns
  • Only weighs 34lbs., making it less than half the weight of a traditional kayak
  • 400 lb weight capacity, allowing room for 1 adult + plenty of gear
  • Fits our standard Oru Spray Skirt
  • Rollable in the event of a capsize

oru kayak coast xt folding kayak

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Oru Kayak Coast XT Specs:

Manufacturer Oru Kayak
Model / Model Number Coast XT / OKY201-ORA-XT
Color White / Orange
Est. Assembly Time 15 minutes
Length (Assembled) 16 ft.
Width (Assembled) 25"
Folded Dimensions 33" x 17" x 31"
Weight 34 lbs.
Max. Capacity 400 lbs.
Warranty 1 year manufacturer's warranty






Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
In it for the long haul

After paddling a friend's Bay Kayak I was convinced I wanted an Oru, but had to decide which one. After doing some more research I selected the Coast, opting for a boat that could carry more gear and travel faster on the water. I am happy I did.

This kayak is absolutely amazing to paddle, punching through waves, even loaded with many days worth of gear, food, and water. I paddle mostly in the San Juan Islands, and I truly think this boat could change the game–helping get many more people out to beautiful places like this.

The Best Boat You'll Ever Buy

3 months. 8 trips. 25 full days. 10 sunrises. 3 whales. Priceless adventures.

After paddling almost exclusively ocean in and around Seattle I can confidently say this boat can stand up the harshest and most varied conditions. It's been great in big surf, longer 5-day trips loaded with gear, and for many of my friends to paddle on weekdays. I plan to leave this boat in my trunk and take it wherever I go. I truly has changed my paddling routine.

Amazing Kayak!

One for the record books!

Perfect for Urbanties Looking to Escape

Love getting way out there, but a job is holding you captive to the city and your tiny apartment is already bursting at the seams with adventure gear? Dying to add a kayak to the arsenal, but have no place to fit it amongst the skis, bicycles, and trad rack? Fear not - the Coast is here to help you answer the Siren's call at sea. How portable is it? My buddy and I fit both ours inside of a Hyundai Elantra for an Uber ride to the beach to launch.

From our 20-mile open-water paddle: The Coast is definitely not designed or intended for open-water use, but it performed brilliantly. It was fast; it tracked well too. What was most impressive was its ability to handle overhead swells. There was no buckling. It was stable. This likely had to do with our even weight distribution for the stern and bow. On a second 14-mile round-trip, overnight coastal paddle, I had a hard time with tracking - keeping the boat on-course - during some rough water and afternoon wind. It was fully loaded down with gear; this was likely a cause of the problem. While less-loaded, I had a much easier time with tracking on the open, rougher water. Something else to keep in mind if you plan on paddling with a lot of gear.

There is definitely an assembly learning curve; my first took nearly an hour. The second was 15 minutes. Keep that in mind the first few times that you take it out and plan accordingly.

If paddling rough waters, get the ballasts, spray skirt, and a $20 bilge hand pump off Amazon

Faster and More Rigid than Expected

While I've only paddle the Coast for one, 3-day trip, I can pretty confidently say that it meets–if not exceeds–all of my expectations for a folding kayak at this price point.

After some practice the Coast now takes me about 15 minutes to assemble, including the time to fit dry bags, camera gear, fishing equipment, spare paddle, and such inside and on the deck. This is much faster than it usually takes me to pull out, transport, load, and unload either of my two other kayaks.

Maybe more importantly, the boat is a true joy to paddle. It's fast, stiff, and completely sealed, making it great for multi-day trips like the one recently completed in the San Juan Islands.

Couldn't recommend this boat any more highly!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review


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Kayak Creek
Mike K
A Plus Customer Service

Matt has been awesome to deal with. Communication has been top notch. Highly recommended.

Kayak Creek
Kayak Creek Is Awesome

Onve in awhile, you get great servuce backed by good people, who see tmyour order through and who give it a personal touch. Matt was helpful and kind and the products and service are wonderful. I love my kayak! Thank you, Kayak Creek, for being honest and so helpful. The photo is of my boyfriend on Thermalito Afterbay in his NuCanoe.

Kayak Creek
Joe Zinn
Great Service

Great company to deal with. Matt worked hard to work out the details of getting me a canoe to me while I was on the road.

He arranged for me to pick my Frontier 12 in Denver, then when the manufacturer couldn’t fulfill my paddle order, he found a paddle for me through a competitor and arranged for it to be delivered to my next destination.

Then...... when I decided to purchase a casting bar Matt again worked out the details of getting it to me while I was still traveling.

His service was definitely above and beyond what one normally gets from even companies that offer great service.

Thanks for all your hard work Matt! You helped make an incredible fishing summer!

Kayak Creek
Chris Johnson
Found What I Needed!

Owned many kayaks and the Flint is the most comfortable and customizable out there. If you fish or hunt this is the kayak for you.

Kayak Creek
Chris Johnson
Great to Work With!

Matt in sales was great to work with easy to reach. Awesome customer service.