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Oru Kayaks 4 Piece Kayak Paddle | Fiberglass

Oru Kayaks 4 Piece Kayak Paddle | Fiberglass


What’s a kayak without a paddle? The Oru 4 Piece Fiberglass Kayak Paddle - in bright white to match the kayak - breaks down into four pieces, so it stows easily inside the Oru Kayak in box form. It features a lightweight fiberglass shaft and super-tough ABS plastic blades. The paddle is truly customizable: a quick-clamp connector allows you to adjust both the length (220-230cm) of the paddle, and the feather angles of the blades.


Oru Kayaks 4 Piece Kayak Paddle | Fiberglass Benefits

  • Lightweight, reinforced fiberglass shaft
  • Molded ABS plastic blades
  • Marine-grade stainless steel connector buttons
  • Completely adjustable length and blade pitch (feathering)



      Oru Kayaks 4 Piece Kayak Paddle | Fiberglass Specs

      Manufacturer Oru Kayak
      Model Oru Paddle | Fiberglass
      Material:  ABS Plastic
      Size:  44cm. x 16cm.
      Shape:  Asymmetrical
      Material:  Fiberglass
      Shape:  Straight
      Size:  Adjustable length 220-230cm
      Feather Adjustable ferrule 0-90 degrees
      Breakdown 4-Piece
      Control Right or left hand
      Weight 2.75 lbs.
      Adjustable Length 220 - 230 cm.

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      Kayak Creek Is Awesome

      Onve in awhile, you get great servuce backed by good people, who see tmyour order through and who give it a personal touch. Matt was helpful and kind and the products and service are wonderful. I love my kayak! Thank you, Kayak Creek, for being honest and so helpful. The photo is of my boyfriend on Thermalito Afterbay in his NuCanoe.

      Kayak Creek
      Great Service

      Great company to deal with. Matt worked hard to work out the details of getting me a canoe to me while I was on the road.

      He arranged for me to pick my Frontier 12 in Denver, then when the manufacturer couldn’t fulfill my paddle order, he found a paddle for me through a competitor and arranged for it to be delivered to my next destination.

      Then...... when I decided to purchase a casting bar Matt again worked out the details of getting it to me while I was still traveling.

      His service was definitely above and beyond what one normally gets from even companies that offer great service.

      Thanks for all your hard work Matt! You helped make an incredible fishing summer!

      Kayak Creek
      Great to Work With!

      Matt in sales was great to work with easy to reach. Awesome customer service.

      Kayak Creek
      Found What I Needed!

      Owned many kayaks and the Flint is the most comfortable and customizable out there. If you fish or hunt this is the kayak for you.

      Kayak Creek
      Huge Shoutout to Matt!

      Huge shout out to Matt! I was shopping around and looking to purchase my first kayak. I had very specific needs and a lot of questions as a newbie.

      Making a big investment without seeing the product was a big leap for me but working Matt helped me through this process (before and even after the purchase!)

      He was showed a lot of patience and followed up with my many questions, enough that I had enough information and confidence to pull the trigger.

      I selected the point 65 kingfisher as storage and transportation was a key factor for me. this kayak breaks down to a manageable size that eventually I can put into my storage closet when not in use, making both me and my girlfriend happy!

      The communication and support Matt and Kayak Creek provided exceeded my expectations.

      I even referred my cousin who is also in the market for a kayak to Kayak Creek.

      This is my initial review and I may post an update when I have new to offer but so far a great experience! Thanks Matt!