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Point 65 KingFisher ImpulseDrive Pedal System


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Point 65 KingFisher ImpulseDrive Pedal System

point 65 kingfisher modular fishing kayak


The Point 65 KingFisher ImpulseDrive Pedal System is an optional, add-on feature to Point 65's revolutionary, modular fishing kayak - the KingFisher. The ImpulseDrive allows you to use the power of your legs to propel you through the water quickly and effortlessly. The KingFisher kayak is not included, however, you can easily find it in our store by following these links: 

KingFisher Gray
Kingfisher Moss Green


    • Easily pops into its slot in the kayak and effectively propels you forward and backward using leg power
    • Extremely light weight, fully waterproof and features several gear ratios
    • Can be driven both forward and in reverse - one of few on the market!


    * KingFisher Kayak Not Included *