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Malibu Kayaks X-Wing Sliding Console


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Malibu Kayaks X-Wing Sliding Console

Now you can have all your electronics, rod holders, and dry storage in this sliding unit that conveniently detaches off your kayak for quick storage. Designed for ergonomic fishing with effortless control in reaching those far away items and totally customize for your own specifications. Basic package includes a self-contained 6" hatch allowing you to place your 12 volt battery with other electronic items in a safe, high and dry compartment. Includes hardware. (Adapter kit and switches sold separately. any and all depicted gadgets, gears, and electronics sold separately.)


The X-Wing is a verypopular retro-fit on the Field & Stream Shadow Caster kayak. 


Slider track included (screws are 22 inches from each end).


 ** We have plenty of customers who love the X-Wing console so much, they retro-fit it onto other brands/models of kayaks. If this is what your plan is, please select "Other Brand/Model" from the model selector drop-down menu **


Certain Malibu Kayaks models require additional brackets and/or sliders to fit correctly. The price of these extra parts is INCLUDED in our X-Wing pricing, and will arrive with your X-Wing purchase! 



X-Wing Track Installation Instruction for X-Factor

X-Wing Track Installation Instruction


 ** Any and all depicted gadgets, gears, and electronics sold separately **


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