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Point 65 Tequila! GTX Modular Kayak | Tandem

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Point 65 Tequila! GTX Tandem Modular Kayak

Created by award-winning design engineer Magnus de Brito, the Tequila! GTX solo kayak is a fun, fast, versatile, and high-performance modular kayak. Due to its modularity, it is easy to break down for carrying, hauling, and storage.

When broken down, it will fit inside most cars and can be stored in small places such as under your bed.

Like all of Point 65’s modular kayaks, the Tequila! GTX solo boasts revolutionary Snap-TAP technology – meaning the kayak snaps apart into a tail and nose sections, and re-assembles in seconds. The coolest part about this is that you basically have a solo and a tandem kayak in one!

Bring someone along and snap in a middle section for a tandem kayak! Or bring the whole party and snap in several middle sections! The record so far is a 100-man kayak built by adding middle sections to the Tequila! 

The Tequila! GTX is incredibly safe, stable, and strong. It’s by far one of the most lightweight and fastest sit on top kayaks on the market. To complement its speed and stability is a tracking keel, which makes the Tequila! Paddle as straight as an arrow.

Point 65’s AIR seat makes the Tequila! super comfortable with its pneumatically adjustable backrest. The AIR seat is made of honey-comb patterned material in combination with mesh-like fabric, which is laminated and molded over EVA foam.  

The Tequila! GTX features dry seating, a cup holder, and molded multi-foot rests, and plenty of leg room - making it perfect for those lazy days drifting in the sun! It’s also designed to accommodate tackles, cooler, and other fishing necessities, making it a great fishing kayak!

Because of all of these amazing features, the Tequila! has received numerous prestigious awards for its innovative modular solution and design.

- This is Why You Need a Point 65 Tequila! GTX -

✔  Modular Take-Apart Function
✔  Swedish Design & Engineering
✔  Easy to Transport & Store
✔  AIR-Seat™ for Ultra Comfort
✔ Cargo Space & PaddlePark
✔ Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited
kayak creek point 65 tequila gtx angler modular kayak

Point 65 Tequila! GTX Specs

MODEL  Tequila! GTX
Seat:   Comfort GTX AIR-Seat™
Rudder?   No
Skeg?   Yes; Performance GTX Fin
 WARRANTY  1-Year Limited Manufacturer's

Solo Config:   9' 7"
Tandem Config:   13' 6"
  WIDTH  29.5"
  HEIGHT  11"
Solo Config:   48.5 lbs.
Tandem Config:   77 lbs.
Solo Config:   265 lbs.
Tandem Config:   530 lbs.
 Front Section
Length:   65.8''
Width:   29.5"
Height:   11"
Appx. Weight: 
 ~24.5 lbs.
 Back Section
Length:   65.4''
Width:   29.5"
Height:   11"
Appx. Weight: 
 ~24.5 lbs.
 Middle Section
Length:   63.4"
Width:   29.5"
Height:   11"
Appx. Weight:   ~24.5 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Just what I wanted

My intended purpose is to explore small area lakes. We’ve only tried it out a few times and it works well. Only problem we had is when my husband sits in the back, the plastic clips come apart.
Now he sits up front and has a bit more legroom.
The plastic clips should really be metal, they will probably need to be replaced with metal clips.

Rick Rowan
Great Kayak - Except

This has been a great kayak so far. We haven't been able to use it a lot mainly due to the Covid. The only issue we've experienced is the plastic clips that connect the seats to the Yak come apart at the point where they swivel when I lean back hard with my 175 pounds.

Larry Kellis

Lots of fun on the water

Flash J.
Fun modular kayak!

Purchased both solo and tandem kayaks this summer---five pieces that can also be assembled into two solos (leaving out the middle section). Researched kayaks for months both online and in stores and tried several sit-in models in the water that were longer and a bit faster before deciding to go the extra mile, spend the extra money, and purchase this modular sit-on-top setup.

One of the obvious PROs is the ease of transport inside an SUV (can fit all five pieces with paddles, seats and PFDs in a Toyota Highlander SUV). This alleviates buying and mounting a roof rack every time you want to transport a kayak, combined with the lifting it up, getting it down and roping it to the car properly to secure it while driving.

To counter the person who complained about the boat breaking apart; one only needs to view any of the videos online, of which there are many including those on the POINT 65n website, which show that the recommended way to use the kayaks is to assemble the pieces at the water's edge and dissassemble them the same way, carrying the individual pieces to the car. The pieces overlap when they slide together and the straps just cinch them tightly once the two pieces have slid into each other. These are hard buoyant plastic pieces and very durable. The seats are comfortable, adjustable and the backs have air bladders that you can adjust to your liking.

The cons are the added weight and that the boats may not track quite as smoothly or paddle as fast as a longer sit-in version. However, they are very stable on the water and if purchased for recreational use on lakes and rivers, they are easy to maneuver and turn and are fun to use. Love that we have the ability to create a tandem boat just as easily as a solo boat, which has made it easy to take our two dogs with us or an extra paddler if we choose. It is easy to get in and out of the boat and the water. Though the cost is potentially more than buying a non-modular version, we have been pleased with our purchase thus far, and are hopeful the durability combined with the portability will be more conducive to getting out more often and enjoying this sport.

John P.
The kayak was comfortable and very stable in the water

Had it out of the boxes and in the water in 15 minutes. Only one experience in the lake so far. Still trying to get the rowing configuration going property to keep it headed in a straight line. Husband and wife kayaking will bring out a lot of conflict if you aren't careful ;) The kayak was comfortable and very stable in the water. Easily loaded all three pieces in the back of my Expedition with lots of room to spare. Would easily fit in much smaller vehicle. Keep the plastic bags that it came in for both storage and for keeping your vehicle clean after pulling the pieces out of the lake. If this husband and wife can learn to row together, this kayak will be a lot of fun for many outings.

Customer Reviews

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Kayak Creek
Mike K
A Plus Customer Service

Matt has been awesome to deal with. Communication has been top notch. Highly recommended.

Kayak Creek
Kayak Creek Is Awesome

Onve in awhile, you get great servuce backed by good people, who see tmyour order through and who give it a personal touch. Matt was helpful and kind and the products and service are wonderful. I love my kayak! Thank you, Kayak Creek, for being honest and so helpful. The photo is of my boyfriend on Thermalito Afterbay in his NuCanoe.

Kayak Creek
Joe Zinn
Great Service

Great company to deal with. Matt worked hard to work out the details of getting me a canoe to me while I was on the road.

He arranged for me to pick my Frontier 12 in Denver, then when the manufacturer couldn’t fulfill my paddle order, he found a paddle for me through a competitor and arranged for it to be delivered to my next destination.

Then...... when I decided to purchase a casting bar Matt again worked out the details of getting it to me while I was still traveling.

His service was definitely above and beyond what one normally gets from even companies that offer great service.

Thanks for all your hard work Matt! You helped make an incredible fishing summer!

Kayak Creek
Chris Johnson
Found What I Needed!

Owned many kayaks and the Flint is the most comfortable and customizable out there. If you fish or hunt this is the kayak for you.

Kayak Creek
Chris Johnson
Great to Work With!

Matt in sales was great to work with easy to reach. Awesome customer service.