Innova Tracking Fin Patch

Innova Kayaks Tracking Fin Patch


Before you can attach the Innova Tracking Fin Patch you will need to remove the old fin patch. To do this, you can use acetone, a hair dryer, and the blunt side of a knife. I would wear a face mask as well.

Apply acetone to the old patch. Take the hair dyer and keep it moving while gentling edging the patch with the blunt side of the knife. Once you have and edge to pull it should be easy to pull off the old patch.Once you have an edge to pull at it should be easy.

Prepare the surface: Remove all the old glue with acetone. Rough up the surface with sandpaper and then wash it all off with soap and water.

You will need a wallpaper seam roller, masking tape, and a two part hypalon glue like Bostik 2402. Before you use any adhesive read the safety instructions.

The side of the fin patch that is going to be glued is the side with the red squares. Put some playing cards or gaffer tape into the bits of the patch that you do not want to glue down. You can pull them off later.

1. Pre cut the shape of the patch on some quick release tape and stick that to the material, its easier to keep glue confined to the correct area this way.

2. Apply the adhesive to the side of the patch with the red squares.

3. Use a wallpaper seam roller, or the end of a big plastic screwdriver to expel all the trapped air.

4. Use a bag of sand as a weight because it will shape to any contours required.



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